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  • Active Ingredient: Clomiphene Citrate
  • Packing: 30 Tablets – 50mg/tab
  • Benefits of Xeno Clomid 50 for bodybuilding

Xeno Clomid 50 stimulates the hypophysis to release more gonadotropins. Gonadotropins are protein hormones that are secreted by gonadotrope cells of the pituitary gland and stimulate faster and higher release of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). When an increase in gonadotropins happens, the rise in LH will spike up the total testosterone levels allowing the user to artificially maintain high testosterone levels until their own body is able to recover, thus maintaining gains.

You have the pituitary which controls the making of Testosterone in the testis. Testosterone is made by leydig cells. The pituitary releases LH which is a hormone that stimulates the leydig cells to make Testosterone. Testosterone is then converted to the female hormone estrogen and estrogen tells the pituitary to stop making more LH. When you introduce clomid into the mix, it blocks estrogen at the pituitary. Therefore, the pituitary sees less estrogen and makes more LH. More LH means the leydig cells in the testis make more testosterone. On the other hand, when a male injects hormones (like testosterone) the opposite happens. The pituitary thinks that the testis are making too much testosterone, so LH falls and the testis stop making testosterone. So, Xeno Clomid 50 does the job of manipulating and fooling the pituitary to produce more LH. That’s why Xeno Clomid 50 is so popular for PCT.

Side effects of Xeno Clomid 50

  • Stomach upset
  • Hot flashes
  • Headache

Dosage and cycle of Xeno Clomid 50 for bodybuilding

Xeno Clomid 50 mg used on PCT, after cycle of using other steroids, details as follows

  1. Week 1-2: a dose of 100-150 mg per day
  2. Week 3-4: a dose of 50-100 mg per day
  3. Week 5-6: dose of 50 mg per day.
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