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Post-course therapy (hereinafter – SCT) is a set of drugs taken to restore normal functioning of the body after a course of AAS (androgenic-anabolic steroids). First of all, the endocrine system. This is necessary for:

  • Controlling side effects on the course;
  • Restore natural hormone levels;
  • Minimise loss of muscle mass after the course;
  • Avoiding the side effects of AAS. Such as testicular atrophy or gynaecomastia.

Control of aromatisation

It is possible to control aromatisation and progestogenic activity during the course (without changing the steroids taken). It is also possible to support testicular function to produce testosterone. All this is done by taking additional drugs.

Aromatisation, i.e. the conversion of androgens into estrogens, can be controlled in two ways. You can block the action of estrogen on the receptors, and you can prevent the aromatisation process itself (aromatase inhibitors). Accordingly, there are two different classes of drugs with different modes of action.

Estrogen receptor blockers

These drugs act by attaching themselves to estrogen receptors and thus blocking estrogen from reaching them. This group includes clomid (clomiphene), toremifene, and tamoxifen.

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