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Clomid is a synthesized substance that first appeared in 1960 and promptly went on sale in the pharmacological market. The main task of the working component – use in medical prescriptions for the treatment of infertility in ladies by stimulating the onset of ovulation, in the stronger sex – prevention of oligospermia. Among bodybuilders engaged in weightlifting, namely also bodybuilding and bench press, this means is particularly popular, so buy Clomid want many who undergo a course of anabolic steroids to improve fitness and performance. Clomid is not for nothing the most effective and non-toxic drug for post-course therapy.

Positive effects of taking Clomid

Athletes wish to buy clomiphene for post-course therapy, the main objectives of which, are:

  • Rapid restoration of the hormonal background and production of endogenous sex hormone;
  • Reducing the severity of the phenomenon of setback;
  • Preservation of the gained muscle mass;
  • Prevention of secondary sexual characteristics associated with high estrogenic property;
  • Prevention of testicular atrophy;
  • Restoration of libido;
  • Restoration of liver function.
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