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The principle of work of clomid, its role on SCT

It is often seen that athletes on post-course therapy use various supplements to restore their own production of testosterone. Tinctures of herbs, tribulus, and other, pardon the expression, rubbish. That’s not true. After a course of AAS, the body is in a deep hormonal hole because the level of lutenising and follicle-stimulating hormones is zero. These are gonadotropic hormones, the amount of which determines the level of testosterone in the blood.

Clomid directly affects the level of LH and FSH. In addition, it attaches to estrogen receptors, so estrogen, judging by the blood test, will be a lot, but most of it will simply be inactive.

How to take clomid on post-course SCT

Dosages of clomiphene citrate are determined depending on the severity of the course. The more drugs were used, the higher the dosages, and the more powerful these drugs were, the longer the recovery time will be needed, and the more clomid will be needed. In general, the scheme can be described as follows:

  • Very heavy course – 3*150/12*100/15*50/15*25
  • Heavy course – 15*100/15*50/15*25
  • Medium course – 30*50/15*25
  • Easy course – 15*50/15*25/15*25 (every 2 days)
  • Very easy course – 15*50/15*25.

*Note – the first digit, the number of days, the second digit after the asterisk is the dosage of clomiphene. For example, 15*50/15*25, means that first you should take 50 mg of clomid for 15 days, and then for the next 15 days – 25 mg each.

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